Lately I have been hyper-aware of the power of influence.

We are immersed in an overwhelming cloud of celebrity, brand, and social media influencers, but the most powerful (and underrated) is the interpersonal influence we have on a daily basis.

I believe everyone I have ever met (and have yet to meet) has not been without reason or purpose. I often think about how crazy it is that I was born at this time in history and exist at the same time of my best friends, colleagues, and family.


I try my hardest not to take that for granted, because I would not be who I am without the community of people who continuously support and speak life into me.


There is something so special about having people in your corner irl.

(I hate that I just said “irl” but it’s true.)

I love the online community I am able to create and be a part of thanks to social media, but it does not compare to my homies and I experiencing life together.

DSC_0946 copy

Whether you consider yourself an “influencer” or not, you still have influence.


You never know who’s watching, or the impact you have in the lives of those around you.


So, “here’s to those who inspire us and don’t even know it.”


Big thank you to my dear friend Clarissa who helped me take these pics! Follow her on insta @clarissa.watkins and hit her up if you ever need a model or an energizer bunny of a friend ❤


With love always,


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