Remember the laundromat shoot Sarah and I did back in August? Well, we actually did two different photoshoots that day in the same laundromat.

In the first photo set I posted about last month, I curated shots that were speaking to me as a photographer/stylist. For this second shoot, Sarah was inspired to use the laundromat as a setting for a fashion post on her blog (check it out here!). By each having a turn at creative direction, she and I were able to express how we were inspired differently by the same space.


Like any photoshoot, this was a creative collaboration showcasing each of our aesthetics.


My style is a little bit unconventional, and Sarah’s is very playful, so with me behind the camera and Sarah in front of it, you never know what the outcome might be!


Like I mentioned in Pt. 1, creativity has to be able to move freely sometimes without the boundaries formed by expectation.


These shoots contain some of my favorite shots that I have ever taken. Partly because we had such a good time getting creative with them! When you’re having fun during a shoot, it comes out in the photos. I hope these photo sets make you feel the sunshine-y happiness that Sarah and I felt on that warm August afternoon.

With love always,


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