I’m not sure which photoshoot location I like more: parking garages or rooftops, so finding a parking garage WITH a rooftop was pretty dang perfect. Back in January, Oklahoma decided to give us a warm, sunny day which was perfect for a rooftop shoot. This parking garage located in Midtown, OKC is so versatile and has quickly become one of my go-to photo spots this year.

S/O to my friend Gabe for modeling and hanging out– ’twas a fun day! (give him a follow on Instagram here)

The harsh brightness that comes with mid-day sunshine is usually not my ideal photo-shooting light, but I do love the shadows that emerged inside the multi-story parking garage that day.


This parking garage has windows in-between each story which was a unique feature that made the lighting even more interesting and fun to play with.


(also, hello potential @newbalance ad?)


Clear skies on sunny days could not be spent better than this.


Next time you’re in Midtown, climb to the top of this parking garage– if not only for the sweet view of downtown OKC. Who knows, you might catch me up there trying to get creative with harsh lighting, intense shadows, and rooftop views.

With love always,


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