When your best friend pulls up to your house early on a Friday morning with coffee, donuts, and a packed car, you know it’s going to be a good weekend.

In August, I tagged along to help two of my dearest friends, Lauren and Sarah, move back to Joplin, Missouri where they both attend university. After two days of moving, lifting, re-upholstering, hammering with unconventional objects (2/10 do not recommend), one thing I did not expect to find was the bright, sunshine yellow laundromat at their apartment complex.


We were walking along the sidewalk when these bright reflections caught my eye through the large windows. I stopped in my tracks, took a few steps backwards to get a better look, and screamed internally. It was the photoshoot location I did not know I needed.


We ran back to their unit to grab my camera and a change of clothes. Being completely serendipitous, I had no plan for this shoot and let inspiration from the setting take lead.


Spontaneous photoshoots are always my favorite because they allow creative freedom to move without the limitation of expectation.


Creativity moves at all levels, whether it be spur-of-the-moment or highly curated.


With this particular shoot, the location was the main source of inspiration. I hope you allow yourself to be inspired by your current surroundings in new ways.


(Not pictured: Sarah and I sweating our butts off in the hundred-degree Midwestern heat with no air conditioning while trying to act normal among those who were actually there to do their laundry.)

DSC_1019 copy

You never know when inspiration is going to slap you in the face, so I encourage you to be ready when it does. Grab your camera, paintbrush, pen and paper, whatever it may be, and let those creative juices flow.

With love always,



  1. Only you can turn a laundry mat into the perfect photo opportunity. Creative genius in our midst! Love how bright the colors are and I can only imagine what the actual customers were thinking. Haha. Memories were being made. Fun!!

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