Let me introduce myself:

My name is Andrea Schultz and I am a twenty-something (half) Asian American creative monster based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

By creative monster, I mean that there are few stones left to be unturned when it comes to my hobbies, interests, pursuits, or expressions of creativity. My greatest passions will be shared here on my blog and include fashion styling/upcycling, photography, and travel.

I graduated from Oklahoma City Community College with an A.A. in Diversified Studies– which was a combined degree of Business and Photography. I then transferred to the University of Central Oklahoma and received my B.S. in Fashion Marketing with a minor in Business Administration. I currently work in the fashion industry, but have a wide range of work experience such as banking, higher education, theater costuming, photography, fashion buying, styling, alterations, and fashion design.

Thank you for spending a moment of your time getting to know me, and I invite you to join my journey of creative endeavors!

With love always,