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This is Jenn. Friend to all. Best Aunt. Bright light. My “sister.” And now, member of the YouTube community! Jenn’s passion for empowering and encouraging women to walk in their […]

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Lately I have been hyper-aware of the power of influence. We are immersed in an overwhelming cloud of celebrity, brand, and social media influencers, but the most powerful (and underrated) […]

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Look At Me Now

This year, primary colors have taken center stage in my wardrobe. Something about this bold color trio has me feeling myself and it’s here to stay as far as I’m concerned. (If you haven’t already noticed from this site’s theme as well as my insta.) Also this year, the conversation of “being and/or feeling seen” has been a recurring topic. […]



Let me introduce myself: My name is Andrea Schultz and I am a twenty-something (half) Asian American creative monster based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. By creative monster, I mean […]